10 Reasons Waist Training is a Waste of Time and Money


Most fitness products and programs sell like pancakes when big celebrities endorse them. Celebrities have such a great influence on many consumers; therefore, it’s important they endorse those things that are what they say they are, and that do what they say they will do. However, that’s not always the case.

tight corset
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Take for example, waist training. It became a fitness craze after the “Queen of Reality TV,” Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her wearing a tight corset emphasizing a super tiny waist, which was then followed by her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney’s posts, wearing the same thing.

But, does the waist trainer really work? Experts keep reminding people not to ride the hype because aside from vague benefits, it comes with serious health risks. Still, sellers of the corsets or waist cinchers have reported an incredible increase in their sales as women from different ages flock to their stores.

Here are 10 reasons why waist training is a waste of your precious time and money:

1. The “More Sweat, More Fat Burned” Theoryisn’t For Real

working outSome people claim the product makes you sweat more while working out and in turn will make you burn more fat in the waist area.

More sweat means more burnt fats is one common myth when it comes to fitness.

First, sweat is your body’s natural way to regulate temperature and avoid overheating in a warm environment or while doing a rigorous activity, such as working out. It is in no way related to burning fats.

Don’t get confused like those fitness enthusiasts who wear plastic accessories when they go out for a run.

2. Spot Training Is Another False Claim

Another common fitness myth is spot training. Reducing fats in a certain area of the body is just impossible.

burn the fats in the bellyWhy? Because when you exercise, your body won’t say “I’ll burn the fats in the belly area for energy.”

Fat metabolism will not occur in a specific area. It happens evenly all over the body when you work out. Therefore, if you want a defined waist, you have to lose overall body fat.

Corset or no corset, you’ll have to work out. There’s no better way to get lean and fit. Would you rather work out comfortably or not?

Another claim of the waist trainer is that it prevents the storing of fat. Yes, it may not store in the belly, but the fats will land on other areas of the body. After all, it has to go somewhere.

3. It Makes You Starve Yourself

They say the waist trainer will take away about three inches off your waist. It obviously does, but only when you are wearing one. Once you take it off, the fats and tissues go back to their normal shape and size.

stomach is squeezed tightThe only way a waist trainer can help you lose weight and achieve smaller waist is when you’ve starved yourself to death, because there is no room for food anymore since your stomach is squeezed tight.  Have you experienced avoiding eating because you are wearing tight jeans? Well, this corset thing is much worse than that, believe it or not.

4. It Can Cause Permanent Damage To Young Girls

Young girlYoung girls are especially vulnerable to this misleading advertising and products endorsed by celebrities.

Girls who start wearing them at a young age could permanently keep their muscles and tissues in the waist area from fully developing, and the results could be permanent.

The muscles in the waist, or core area, help to support your back, preventing injury. The muscles in this area are therefore key to overall health and strength.

5. Health Experts Don’t Support Waist Training

doctorPeople can state different opinions about something, and none of it should matter to you, but if they are health experts, then you’d better lend your ears.

According to one doctor, the medical community does not support waist training, and they do not recommend its use, because there is no enough evidence of its effectiveness and there are just too many health risks. Waist training is just plain dangerous.

Before trying it out, you should be aware of what you are putting yourself through. Or better yet, you can try other non-invasive ways that are safe and will give you long-term results.

6. You Can Become Addicted

Some women would post on their social media accounts how thrilled and addicted they are with the waist cincher. Seeing your super tiny waist in the mirror would certainly get you hooked on wanting to use it nonstop. If that’s the case, then you’re in for a lot of health troubles.

7. It Puts You At Risk To Serious Health Issues

serious health issues
Photo by James Palinsad / CC BY-SA

Outside, the waist cincher is making you look fab with your surreal tiny waist. Inside, it’s squishing your organs like sardines in a can.

A lot of women are into waist training because they can see tangible changes.

This is why they are oblivious to the fact that deep down inside, their kidneys, lungs and other organs, such as those in the belly area are being compressed to give them that look. This could result in kidney, pulmonary problems and even organ failure.

Another thing, waist trainers often complain of fainting while wearing the corset. This is because there is little space for your lungs to expand, making it difficult for you to breathe properly and get enough oxygen into your brain and body.

8. It Can Cause Stomach Problems

gas-producing foodsIf the organs are squeezed tightly together, they shift positions, either downward or upward, due to too much pressure.

You’ll become less tolerant to certain types of foods, particularly fatty and carb-rich gas-producing foods. You also become prone to heartburn or acid reflux, once your stomach moves past the diaphragm.

9. It Can Affect Your Muscles

When you use the waist trainer, it provides more of the support for the remaining upper body weight, and not your back and abdominal muscles. Even if you work out, the muscles remain inactive. If this goes on for a long time, the muscles in the area will eventually deteriorate.

10. It Can Cause Skin Problems

worth a pennyMoist and heat between your skin and the material invites proliferation of bacteria which can cause skin problems or worse, infections.

Other nasty things can also attach itself to the material after wearing it several times.

At $150 per piece and the hazard it brings, a tiny temporary waist is not even worth a penny.


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