11 Thoughtful Things You Forgot to Thank Your Best Friend for Today


Best friends are like family, because they will love you unconditionally. Best friends are like lovers since they know just what to do to make you happy. Best friends are one phone call away whenever you need them, even if they have prior commitments. Best friends are like ATMs – you get gratification in an instant.

Best friends do so much for you, yet it is easy to disregard their efforts. Don’t let the day pass without letting them know how thankful you truly are. Here are 11 thoughtful things you forgot to thank your best friend for today:

1. Your Best Friend Won’t Sugar Coat

true friendTruth hurts, but a true friend knows you need to hear the truth, rather than to have things sugar coated.

A true friend will honestly tell you that your dress is unflattering, and you’re wearing too much makeup. They would rather hurt you with the truth than make you look stupid in front of other people.

They would rather tell you don’t deserve your mean boyfriend, even if it could strain your relationship, rather than see you hurt in the end without knowing they did anything to forewarn you.

An honest friend deserves an honest friend, so don’t hesitate to tell your friends the truth, even if it hurts them. If she looks bad in that outfit, tell her so, but in a tactful way. Friends don’t hurt other friend’s feelings. They know how to tell them something is not right without being hurtful.

2. Your Best Friend Cheers You Up

Dealing with the tough times is more bearable when you have friends to cheer you up, make you laugh and who are all ears to your problems. Knowing that you are not alone, and someone’s got your back no matter what happens is enough to brighten up even the darkest days. Be a good friend and be there for them, too, when they need you.

3. Your Best Friend Will Know If Something’s Wrong

your friends will know if something is bothering youNo matter how you try to hide your problems, your friends will know if something is bothering you.

No matter how you lie with your words, they will eventually find it out or coerce you to spill the beans.

And, no, they won’t be angry at you for keeping it a secret. Instead, they will help you find a way to fix it. You’ll be grateful you have nosey friends.

4. Your Best Friend Is Your On-call Driver

She makes time for youYour best friend is willing to change her plans whenever you need her to be there for you. She cancels dates to pick you up at the airport, or drives when you want to go out and have a glass of wine or two after a breakup.

She makes time for you, even if she already has plans for the day, and she won’t even feel bad that she did. Just don’t forget to return the favor.

5. Your Best Friend Keeps You On The Right Track

Your best friend is a like a parent. She makes sure you don’t stray from your goals. She checks to see if you’re still doing your schoolwork, and makes sure you are not into something you will certainly regret. When you are feeling less confident, she knows just the right words to push you further.

6. Your Best Friend Considers You Family

Your Best Friend Considers You FamilyYour best friend and her family, as long as you are not a bad influence, will take you into their home like you are one of the family.

You can go straight inside without knocking, scavenge into the fridge when you’re hungry, join their movie marathon, let you spend the holidays with them, and invites you to join them on vacations.

It’s nice to have a group of people you can consider your family, especially if you live far away from your real family.

7. Your Best Friend Forgives And Forgets

Friends will disagree and get into arguments, but no matter how bad it seems, you’ll be back in each other’s company like nothing happened. After blurting out hurtful words, you may decide to avoid each other for a while, but not too long, the time will come when you will forgive each other without the need for words.

8. Your Best Friend Is A Confidence-booster

friends by your sideWhen you have friends by your side, you aren’t afraid to go to new places and meet new faces. Facing exciting life challenges becomes exciting when you have friends who will push you beyond your limits.

They make you do things you have never done before. They push you to be adventurous in life and be confident about yourself. Be each other’s confidence-booster. Share and teach her what you know.

9. Your Best Friend Will Love You No Matter How Stubborn You Are

take you with open arms once you come back cryingIt doesn’t matter how many times you cried over a guy, and how many times she tells how mistaken you were, and then you get mad at her for it, she’ll take you with open arms once you come back crying.

She listens without making judgments, understands your heartaches and maybe she’ll give you a wake up call when you need it. Most importantly, you can urge her to accompany should you decide to spy on your cheating boyfriend.

10. Your Best Friend Won’t Judge You, No Matter What You Do

Your best friend won’t tolerate any disruptive behavior, but she won’t judge you for what you do. She listens, points out your wrongdoings and will love you, nevertheless. She knows you well enough that she won’t even judge you for it, as long as it’s not about murdering someone. Your best friend loves you unconditionally.

11. Your Best Friend Won’t Leak Your Secrets

private mattersWhenever you have to ask someone concerning private matters, your best friend is your go-to.

She’ll give you honest-to-goodness advice about sex and other life problems. No other person knows more about your situation than her,but she’ll keep mum about it.

There you go. It’s amazing how your best friend does so much for you, yet you hardly even thank them. Reward their amazingness by being a good friend to them. A good friend is someone loyal, trustworthy, respectful, thoughtful, and generous, as well as a good listener. But, right now, give your friend a hug and a surprise treat for dinner.


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