6 Breast Enhancement Herbs For Natural Beauty

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Who doesn’t want big boobs, raise your hand. Admit it, ladies. At one point, you wished that you had Scarlett Johansson’s or Kim Kardashian’s boobs.

You probably stuffed your bra with tissue paper or your mom’s pads from 1970, when you were in middle school, just to make your boobs bigger. Who can blame you? After all, men can’t help but turn around every time they see a woman with big humps on their chest.

Apparently, not everyone can have big boobs like the Kardashians. Because of the demand to look perfect, various surgical procedures were introduced to help women get the cup size they want. However, not all women are comfortable going under the knife. If you are one of them, there is another alternative for you – breast-enhancing herbs.

The Real Score Behind Herbs for Boobies

You always read about herbs as one of the natural ways to add size to your breast, or boost your libido, or even address certain conditions for improved health. This is because for centuries, ancient civilization relied so much on herbs and became dependent on them.

herbs for boobiesBelieve it or not, breast enhancement is not exempted. In fact, various cultures from way back used herbs to increase milk production and encourage breast growth.

Breast-enhancing herbs have phytoestrogens, or plant-based estrogens, that have the ability to promote breast growth.

It stimulates the natural estrogen activity inside your body that helps add size, turning your twin hills into your twin mountains.

In other words, phytoestrogen rich herbs mimic estrogen, which your body naturally produces. Keep in mind that this hormone is essential in a woman’s development, which is why it is at its peak during puberty stage.

However, it’s not just any herbs – it’s a special combination of specific herbs. Here are six important herbs you need to know about to give your boobs a boost:

 1. Fenugreek

fenugreekCheck out any breast enhancement herbs and you will see this as part of the ingredients.

Since the ancient times, fenugreek can be an ultimate healer – from reducing cholesterol, to offering relief for constipation – and even minimizing symptoms of menopause.

Today, fenugreek is among the most sought after herbs to help increase breast size. It contains phytoestrogens that stimulate the production of natural estrogen in your body.

Also, fenugreek seeds have compounds that can raise healthy breast tissues and eventually enhance your breast size.

That’s not all. Aside from the phytoestrogens, fenugreek stimulates the production of prolactin. This hormone is responsible for producing milk, which helps nursing mothers in the breastfeeding process.

You can mix fenugreek powder with little water until it forms into a paste. Apply it on your breasts and massage gently. You can also use fenugreek oil for breast massage or add fenugreek sprouts on your favorite dishes.

 2. Saw Palmetto

saw palmetto
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Saw palmetto is known as an effective treatment for men with prostate enlargement.

In fact, this herb is referred to as “a man’s herb,” since it is known to treat impotence in men. Did you know it could boost your cup size, too?

Saw palmetto dates back to the pre-Mayan civilization. People living during that time used this herb to treat women with breast disorders.

Then early American botanists found out that animals that ate saw palmetto were stronger and had an improved muscle tone.

Later on, experts discovered that this herb contains phytonutrients that can stimulate growth of breast tissue, thereby increasing the size of your breasts.

Aside from boosting your breast size, saw palmetto offers tons of health benefits, too. It tones the urethra, which supports the healthy function of the urinary system. It can also be a nutritive tonic for smooth digestion and a healthy appetite.

The good news is saw palmetto is available in the market in tea, capsule or tablet form. Drink two to three cups of saw palmetto tea everyday or take supplements twice daily. Just make sure to check with your doctor if saw palmetto pills are safe for you.

 3. Fennel

fennelAside from fenugreek, fennel is also among the most important herbs in terms of breast enhancement.

Why? It’s because just like fenugreek, this herb contains estrogenic compounds that can mimic the estrogen activity in your body.

However, fennel’s estrogenic properties may only come second to fenugreek but still it works the same.

For centuries, fennel is used to enhance a woman’s breast size and aids in the milk production of nursing mothers. Fennel seeds have high level of flavonoids that can boost estrogen levels in the body and promote growth of breast tissue – something your boobs need.

The good thing about fennel is that you can add it to lotions and use it to massage your breasts. Do this twice a day and you’ll see a difference in your breast size after a few months. If you are not a believer of breast massage, you can make a tea out of it and drink it up to three times daily. This works best compared to just applying it on your breasts.

 4. Wild Yam

wild yam
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If saw palmetto is for men, then it is safe to say that wild yam is for women. For many years, wild yam has been widely used as herbal tonic to boost women’s health.

Even herbalists and the author of, Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, Susan Weed. recommends wild yam for healthy breast tissue.

Why is that?

Wild yam has beneficial effects on women’s reproductive health, including combating symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and menopausal issues.

At the same time, it is widely used as a breast enlarger, since it promotes healthy breast tissue. In 1950, scientists discovered that this herb contains phytoestrogen called diosgenin. This ingredient is capable of chemically converting itself into progesterone, although this one has to be done inside a laboratory.

Does it raise estrogen levels in your body? Well, experts say no. Yes, it can help you in the breast department, but through other means. Oh, and if you are having problems in the bedroom department, this herb can be of great help, too.

You can take wild yam in its capsule form or drink it in its tea form. Wild yam creams are also available, which you can use to massage your breasts twice a day.

 5. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh
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This herb is another staple ingredient you will see in many breast enhancement pills. Black cohosh, with a scientific name Cimicifuga racemosa, is a native of North America.

It grows about two meters in height, with small white flowers that looks like a spike. Today, black cohosh grows in large areas in Europe, due to it’s huge popularity.

Black cohosh is believed to help women with postmenopausal symptoms. At the same time, it has properties that are capable of raising estrogen levels, which makes it a perfect candidate to help boost your breast size. Hence, this explains why black cohosh is a must in breast enhancement supplements.

However, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that too much of this herb can have negative effects on the liver, especially when taken in large amounts. It can also bring side effects such as dark urine, jaundice and abdominal pain. Therefore, make sure to take only a maximum of 80 milligrams a day. Alcohol is also not recommended, so make sure you did not take a sip when you take this herb.

You can get black cohosh extracts online or in health stores.

 6. Red Clover

red clover
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Yes, this herb deserves the spotlight, too. When it comes to breast enhancement, red clover can also do wonders up there.

With scientific name Trifolium Pratense, red clover is one of the herbs with the richest sources of isoflavones, or a water-soluble chemical that can act like estrogen.

Therefore, it has been used for breast enhancement and boosting breast health because of its capacity to mimic the natural estrogen hormones in your body. It can also help make your breasts firm, too.

Other than the isoflavones, red clover also contains a powerful phytoestogen called genistein. This potent phytoestrogen binds the estradiol receptors in your breasts, thereby promoting breast growth and helping to increase your cup size.

Aside from this, red clover can also treat medical issues, such as hot flashes and premenopausal symptoms, including breast pain. At the same time, it can improve urine production and blood circulation, reduce the risk of blood clots and help lower cholesterol levels. It can also increase bone mineral density, which is helpful on pre and perimenopausal women.

breast enlargement surgeryRed clover is best taken as tea. Simply add one to two teaspoons of red clover flowers into a cup of hot water and let it steep for 30 minutes before drinking it. For best results, drink two to three times a day.

So, what do you think? Is it worth the shot? If you still aren’t sure, talk to your doctor about it, especially if you take medications or have a health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Breast enlargement surgery may give you instant results, but are you willing to take a risk on it? Yes, it can make your boobs bigger, but what about the possible complications after the operation?

It may take some time before you see the results but taking herbs is surely worth it. Plus, it is safer with fewer side effects, too.


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