7 Libido Boosting Vitamins Every Man Needs


Admit it, guys. You’re wondering how those guys from porn can last for one hour of humping. Well, first things first. They take breaks every 20 minutes and second, they take some kind of drug or medication that will give them a rock-hard erection, and make them look like they have the endurance to last for more than an hour – which is fake, by the way.

enhancement pillsYou don’t need to take male enhancement pills with never-before heard ingredients from heaven-knows-where country, just to put you in the mood for some sexy time.

Yes, some herbal ingredients can solve your bedroom struggles, but most of these pills can cause side effects, which might ruin your mood for sex.

The truth is, there are certain vitamins and minerals that can give your sex drive a boost. After all, you need nutrients to enable your body to function properly, including what’s tucked under the belt. Your body needs nutrients because they are the building blocks of life, but they also allow you to have the best sex of your life without spoiling the fun.

These vitamins include:

1. Vitamin C Gets Your Blood Pumping Down There.

Aside from boosting your immune system and shooing coughs and colds away, did you know that vitamin C can also be a serious libido booster?

orangesBy now, you should know that blood flow down there is important to be able to get your man up and let it stay in that state for quite some time.

You might also heard how important nitric oxide is in order to open up the arteries and bring the blood where it’s supposed to be, including manhood. Believe it or not, vitamin C can help in the process and make it happen for you.

Aside from improving blood flow, vitamin C is also important for the synthesis of hormones that are responsible for the quality of your sex life. They include, but are not limited to androgen, estrogen and progesterone.

It also improves your fertility and helps you get turned on – and stay that way. And, if you are already on the older side of the scale, vitamin C can also help get rid of UTI or urinary tract infections, too.

Stock up on lemons, oranges, limes, kiwis, peas, potatoes, peppers, berries, grapefruit, melons and Brussel sprouts if you want to give your sex life a boost. Just make sure not to take too much, which is more than 2,000 milligrams or you could end up with a diarrhea. Not sexy.

2. Folic Acid/Folate Makes Healthy Swimmers – And More.

Photo by Maggie Hoffman / CC BY

Most men think folic acid is only for women who want to become or already are pregnant. Sorry, but you need to fill yourself with folic acid if you want to boost the health of your ding-dong, as well as your future offspring.

Folate is a natural vitamin and an essential component that prevents congenital malfunctions, such as neural tube defects and spina bifida that can happen prior to birth.

Yes, obstetricians advise moms-to-be and mommy hopefuls to increase their folate intake, but heads up, guys. If you want to boost your sperm health, you should increase your sperm count. This way, you can ensure that you are fertile enough to get a woman pregnant by eating lots of folate-rich foods.

This includes avocado, sunflower seeds, asparagus, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, beets, celery, corn, almonds, peanuts and spinach, among others.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean you should skip on folate just because you don’t want to knock someone up. A number of studies show a connection between folate and a reduction in abnormal sperm. Even if you’re not yet ready to have little rascals running around, at least keep those juices healthy. It’s for your own good, too.

3. B Vitamins Belong On Your “Best Sex Of Your Life” Team. Really.

B vitamins come in many forms, but the bottom line is they are good for your health, including your man down south.

chickenVitamin B3 is important for energy metabolism, which you will need during lovemaking sessions. In addition, it enhances the sexual flush, which in return, boosts blood flow to your manhood and intensifies your orgasms.

It also helps make sex hormones and improves blood circulation, especially when you’re between the sheets. You can get vitamin B3 from brown rice, sun-dried tomatoes, peanuts, paprika, chicken and anchovies.

Aside from vitamin B3, vitamin B6 is also one of the libido enhancers that you will need when sexy time calls for it. If you haven’t been listening to the guys in white about the importance of folate, then vitamin B6 can save your sperm. This vitamin helps increase the sperm count, which you can get from baked potatoes, bananas, halibut, cantaloupe, roast beef and tomatoes.

If you are looking for a vitamin that can heighten your sex drive, then vitamin B12 is the solution. It enlarges your blood vessels to help your guy stand up and salute. At the same time, B12 triggers the release of histamine, which you need for optimum orgasms.

If you’re not too convinced, vitamin B12 also takes care of your nerves and blood cells, which can affect the blood flow. In this case, seafood, such as clams, caviar, octopus, lobster, salmon, tuna and oysters can be good sources of valuable vitamin B12.

4. Vitamin E Is Your Sexy Spice.

You may not notice, but manufacturers often tout vitamin E as a skin vitamin to make people look younger and more radiant.

egg yolksBut, that’s just for women, obviously, since you’re not really after battling wrinkles and fine lines, right? For the guys, vitamin E is actually a sex vitamin that is proven to add a lot of spice to your sex life.

You may strain your eyes from reading this statement repeatedly, but vitamin E is one of the essential nutrients your body needs to increase blood flow and oxygen to your penis. It also helps in the production of sex hormones that can kick start your sex drive and increase its vitality.

And if you are one of those dudes who are concerned about their physical appearance, then increasing your vitamin E intake can help with you feel more youthful. A bonus feature is that Vitamin E can strengthen your immune system and make it strong enough to fight off disease.

When it comes to vitamin E, spinach, asparagus, whole grain breads, broccoli, tomatoes, egg yolks, walnuts, smoked salmon, chickpeas and sweet potato are some of the many best sources. Go ahead and add these foods on your shopping list.

5. Zinc Brings Good Things Down South.

If you have been taking folate or folic acid, then you must be taking zinc supplements, too.flax seeds

These two essential nutrients can go on their own and affect your body in a good way, but together, the zinc-folate combination is a tandem that’s hard to beat when it comes to boosting your sex life.

On its own, zinc makes the hormone, testosterone, but also aids in the production of sperm. This, in turn boosts your sex drive. It also promotes prostate health to regulate the prostatic fluid. In other words, zinc deficiency means unhealthy prostate and unhealthy sex life.

But if you love your manhood so much that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it healthy and happy, then eat lots of brown rice, flax seeds, pork, squash seeds, dark chocolate, oysters, garlic, crab, wheat germ, lobster, beef, egg yolks, turkey and kidney beans. Your guy down south will thank you later. Trust us.

6. Magnesium Is A Mighty Fine Aphrodisiac – Really

Not many people believe in the power of aphrodisiacs. For them, it’s all in your mind.

You’re just making yourself believe there are certain foods that can put you in the mood. This is possibly true; however, one ingredient will surely change your perception about aphrodisiacs: magnesium.

Magnesium is a “mineral aphrodisiac,” because of its ability to increase your sex drive and performance in bed. At the same time, this nutrient helps produce sex hormones that are responsible for your urges down there.

basilIf you’re worried about your nerves, and you can’t seem to relax before doing the dirty deed, magnesium can help you relax. You’ll have an increased sex drive and better sexual experience. Not bad.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to add rice, wheat, almonds, sage, pumpkin seeds, cocoa powder flax seeds, squash seeds, sage, basil and dry roasted soybeans on your grocery shopping list.

7. Selenium Is Vitamin E’s Best Friend. And Yours, Too.

After minutes of humping, you suddenly let out that big O and squirt your juices all over your girl’s body. But, did you know that every time you ejaculate, you lose an important nutrient called selenium?

Apparently, selenium is vital in production of those tiny balloon-like creatures swimming inside you. Having optimal levels of selenium is essential for your virility.

At the same time, this nutrient helps vitamin E, or the sex vitamin perform its antioxidant activity, thereby improving your sperm’s health.

Brazil nutsWhen it comes to selenium, make sure you eat enough sunflower seeds, flounder, salmon, Brazil nuts, scallops, liver, pork, chicken, barley, onions, brown rice and sardines to reach optimal levels of this essential nutrient.

Scientific research has proven that these essential vitamins and minerals boost your sex drive. However, there is no such thing as overnight success, so it’s going to take some time before you reap the benefits of eating healthy. Just be patient and consistent, and before you know it, your libido will skyrocket.


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