8 Meaningless Friendships That Can Mean a Lot to Your Life


Throughout your life, you will meet lots of friends and acquaintances. Different people with different roles will come into your life. Some will become your best friends or better-or-for-worse friends, some are so-so friends, and some are friends turned into enemies, while others will remain as simple acquaintances. But, did you know that even the most meaningless forms of friendships can affect your life? They may seem of no value to you, but one way or another you can benefit from them.

Here are eight meaningless friendships that can mean a lot to your life:

1. The Never-Caring Friend

drink to celebrate or to relieve stressThere’s a friend who knows almost everything about you including the most horrible things you did, and there’s a friend who knows nothing about you on a personal level yet spending time with each other is still so much fun.

For example, you have a favorite go-to bar where you go for a drink to celebrate or to relieve stress. Every time you go there, you always end up sitting with this same person who is probably there for the same reason as you.

You engage in fun and interesting conversations about third party topics, and you even take turns on buying drinks. He never once bothered asking personal questions, and you should do the same, because regardless of the lack of personal background information, you are having a good time.

This type of friend is good to be around when you just want to have a good time and forget about things for a while. They make no judgments or conclusions whatsoever, which is great, because you don’t want to hear them at the moment.

2. The Awkward Moment Friend

The Awkward Moment Friend
Photo by Elizabeth Ashley Jerman / CC BY

A group of friends is not necessarily made up of individuals who are close to each other. Sometimes, there will be a friend whom you can’t ever be alone with, because of the awkward silent moments.

This is a friend brought along by a close friend who eventually became part of your circle of friends.

Though you do crazy things and fun things together when with the group, you just don’t have that individual closeness, and not one of you had the guts to break the ice.

So what’s the sense of being friend with this type of friend? You will need to stretch your social skills to the limit in order to develop a friendship with them. They force you to grow by making you step outside your comfort zone, which isn’t a bad thing for anyone. And if after you do that, it doesn’t work out – well, the more, the merrier.

3. The Unhappy Inside Friend

The Unhappy Inside FriendHave you ever had a friend who makes you laugh so hard you could pee every time you are together?
A type of friend who is never serious, who talks with a lot of air, tells sarcastic jokes and loves to have fun by making fun of others.

This type of friend can make you cringe on the inside.You always have to put up an act similar to his because if you don’t go along, he’ll find another friend, and you’ll be their subject of ridicule.

Most times, this person is putting up a façade to cover up his anxieties and fears. You can play along and laugh your heart out. Who knows, perhaps they are acting this way out of bashfulness, so you might be able to break the ice and build a good friendship with them.

4. Friendship Out Of Courtesy

use of technologyWith the use of technology and through social media, it is easier to connect with friends from the past and plan a meetup.

Usually, this happens when an acquaintance sees you online, sends you a message and out of courtesy, you respond.

After a few exchange of monotonous messages, you plan a meetup. Though you’re happy to reconnect with someone from the past, you aren’t excited when the scheduled date comes. In fact, you have to drag your feet to the place.

You feel obligated to come out of courtesy.

You knew each other, but you weren’t close back then. Out of courtesy, you show up. Guess what, your friend might be feeling the same things, but cannot tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Since both of you are clueless on the lack of interest for each and neither of you, have to courage to say so, this kind of friendship may not last long.

5. The Frenemy

frenemyWhat is a frenemy? This is neither a friend who feels a slight envy whenever good things happen to you nor a friend who is secretly competing with you and hates it when you do better.

A frenemy is someone pretending to be friend because they have bad intentions towards you. For some reason, they resent you from their very core.

A frenemy may be a long-time friend turned enemy who knows a lot about you and knows how to hurt you. Most times, a frenemy works subtly, and it would be hard for you to notice what they are doing to hurt you. If you have a frenemy, don’t let them come too close,but you don’t have to shoo them away, either.

6. The Friend You Like

You would be lying if you would not admit crushing on a friend somewhere in the past. Maybe you were even secretly hoping you’d end up together, however, your friend is plainly not interested and has a zero romantic attraction to you. Or, it could be the other way around. And while you are enjoying the attention, your friend’s heart could be bleeding.

7. The Facebook Stalker Friend

The Facebook Stalker FriendFacebook makes it easier for you to get updated with other people’s lives. With just a few clicks, you’ll have your fresh daily updates on certain not-so-close friends.

You are secretly stalking in social media from the luxury bag she recently bought, the new hair color she just tried to the restaurant she dined on last night. You don’t even hit the “like” button because you don’t want them to know about your creepy habit, and you are not even friends on FB.

On the bright side, since social media go both ways, there are people you haven’t seen in years that might be stalking on your FB page, too.

8. The Take-all Friend

best friendsYou may want to spend more time with a friend than your friend wants to spend time with you, and vice versa.

Or, a friend may consider you their best friend but you have other best friends on your list excluding them.

There are many ways a friendship can be unequal. Take for example when your friend does most of the talking, and then shuts you down when it’s your time to talk.

Just like with other forms of relationships, friendship should be give and take. Although, it does not necessarily have to be a 50/50 deal, beware of friends who do 90 percent of the talking and only 10 percent of the listening.

Nevertheless, helping a friend in need can increase your self-worth. When they ask for help from you, you feel needed, and your life has a purpose.

Throughout your life, you’ll meet different types of friends. Best friends or not, you can learn from them, and they can help you grow, too.


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