Cup Size Confusion: 5 Ways to Fix Lopsided Breasts


Jennifer Lawrence candidly told Jimmy Kimmel about her uneven breasts recently, which she only discovered when she had her lungs checked. In a world where breasts debates are focused on whether actress A’s boobies are real or not, this was the first time a Hollywood actress, or any other public figure talked about the symmetry of her breasts – on live TV.

If you are one of the many women who suffer from asymmetrical breasts, you are not alone. In fact, you have no less than Katniss Everdeen – Mystique behind you, telling you that everything’s going to be okay, and there is no need to be ashamed of it.

So, what makes a woman’s boobs uneven? Experts cannot pinpoint exactly, although they suggest that breastfeeding is one cause, since a lot of moms prefer to nurse on one side over the other.

Hormonal imbalances, poor body alignment, weight loss or gain, menopause, breast surgery, and even the dominance of one hand can also make your breasts lopsided.

Whatever the cause is, there are simple, more natural ways you can fix this. Let’s leave the surgical procedure as your last resort.

1. Always Favor The Bigger Breast.

Bigger BreastBra fitting is one, if not the most challenging issue women have to deal with.

For one, you can’t possibly buy just one bra but with different cup sizes and two, making your own bra just to fit your cup A and cup B breasts can be hard work, especially when you don’t have the right tools. Therefore, when buying a bra, make sure that the bigger breast fits comfortably.

Never buy a bra that fits the smallest breast comfortably – unless you want the bigger side to spill over the fabric of the cup, as if screaming for air, then go ahead and try to squeeze in the bigger one. If you are concerned with the gap where the smaller breast resides, then don’t worry about it. You can always fill it with breast pads or tissue, which is a reminiscent of your teenage years. It will take you back to times when you tried to make people believe that you were not among the late bloomers.

2. Choose Your Bra Wisely.

braRemember the scene in Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s movie, Just Go With It, where a woman has lopsided breasts and she has to make her own bra?

Well, not all women can make that, although kudos to you if you have time to sew one. Hence, the best way to give support to your God-given gifts is to just rush to the department store and buy a good bra.

However, it’s not just any kind of bra. Since you are dealing with asymmetrical breasts, always go for a bra with lined cups, such as a padded, contour or molded bra. The lining creates an illusion that your boobs have the same size, even if they are not.

Aside from the lining, go for a bra with removable pads or cookies. You can either remove the pads on the larger side of your breast or insert pads for the smaller side to make it look even. However, this might work if your boobies are only slightly different in size. If your right breast is cup B and your left one is cup D, then your bra needs more than just removable pads or cookies.

3. Never Say No To Breast Pads.

breast pads
Photo by Jacklee / CC BY-SA

If you are looking for the easiest way to make your boobies look the same, especially when there is a noticeable difference between the two, then you should stock up on breast pads. Pads come in many forms – silicone, foam, water, and even gel pads. Whatever type of pad you choose, its purpose is the same: to give the smaller size of your breast an extra boost and at the same time, fill up the remaining gaps where your smaller boob is resting.

Lopsided breasts and breast pads have an unwritten rule that when one is present, the other one should be there, as well.

When it comes to pads, there are many brands you can choose from, although a lot of women swear by the silicone bra pads by Bra Doctor, or the Add a Size fabric pads by Fashion Essentials.

Still, you can try other pads that suit your needs, since there are many bra pads sold in the market. Just make sure to adjust your bra straps and back closure, so that both sides will look equal.

A piece of advice: Make sure to use a padded bra when you decide to employ the services of breast pads. All other types of bra will still do but if you want to minimize even the slightest demarcations of the bra pad, then go for a padded bra. It already knows what it needs to do with the pads, so you know that you are in good hands.

Another thing – never use more than one silicone, water or gel pad inside the cup on the smaller breast size. This will make one side of your breast feel heavier and look bulkier compared to the other side. If you are planning to use more than one pad, go for foam or fabric pads, since these two are naturally lighter.

4. Give Your Smaller Breast A Massage.

give your smaller breast a massageOne of the most natural ways to increase or reduce breast size is through massage. However, it’s not the typical massage you get from the spa. There are certain strokes that can stimulate breast growth, which is different from the massage you pay for.

When it comes to lopsided breasts, breast massage can also be your best friend. Either you can massage the smaller breast only to increase its breast size or you can massage both if you want to add a few centimeters to them. When you do this, make sure to massage the smaller breast at least twice as much as the bigger breast.

Breast massage can also be a great way to detect any lumps. Some research suggests that women who have breast asymmetry are at greater risk of breast cancer, although further studies are required to prove this claim. If you notice any lumps, get to a doctor to have it checked out. Make sure you go for routine mammograms, too.

5. When All Else Fails, Go For Surgery.

Here’s the truth: a lot of women have asymmetrical breasts. In fact, there are only a number of women who have perfectly sized and equal breasts. If you are talking about few centimeters here, don’t stress yourself too much. However, if the difference is greater than one bra cup size, then that’s the time you resort to other means.

breast surgeryIn this case, breast surgery might help. In order to achieve perfect symmetry, most doctors tend to reduce the bigger breast to make it similar to the smaller one. This does not mean that the bigger side will be left untouched.

If you are trying to achieve more even breasts, both must go under the knife. After all, it’s about better shape, better symmetry and making sure that the characteristics are the same.

However, you need to understand that there are risk factors involved when you go through breast surgery. Scarring will always be an issue, so if you have a tendency to develop keloids, then this might be a problem for you.

There is also a higher risk of nipple sensitivity and lack of blood supply to the nipples. Recovery time can also be an issue, since you need six weeks to be able to function perfectly normal again. If you are thinking of breastfeeding in the future, then look for an alternative to breast surgery.

Another option that can give you a more natural look is fat transfer augmentation. Instead of putting implants in the smaller boob, you augment the fat to make your breasts look more natural. At the same time, you are able to make your breasts as similar as possible.

shell out your own moneyThe biggest factor involving surgical procedures is the cost. Breast surgery and fat transfer augmentation can be too much on the pocket for an average person.

Some insurance companies don’t cover this type of procedure since it is under “aesthetic” or “cosmetic,” so you need to shell out your own money.

Of course, it would be different if the disparity between your two breasts was so extreme and so obvious, your insurance provider might give you mercy and take care of your expenses.

A lot of women feel ashamed of their uneven breasts. If you are one of them, don’t be. There are many ways to get over this. It’s just a matter of choosing which option will work best for you. However, if there is a noticeable difference, such as full cup sized or more, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Discuss your options and find out which method will poses a lesser risk.


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