How to Love Your Wife and Still Live Your Life


respectThey say women are a complicated species, but the truth is that they are as complicated as you want to perceive them. Women, like all human beings, have feelings, needs, wants and passions. If you can learn how to meet these needs and help them fulfill their dreams, it is easy to know how to love your wife right.

Men, the faster you learn to live your life as you love your wives, the happier you will be. You got into marriage for companionship. This means that you have a duty to keep each other happy. Some marriage advice says that a woman should learn how to love your husband according to the bible. This also applies to men, who they say should also follow the same route.

The truth is, no matter what your religion, culture, background or traditions dictate, it is always important to show each other respect. There are many men who do a lot of great things with the intention of pleasing their wives, only to find that these things are not appreciated as expected. So, are these things not good? Is the spouse not romantic? The answer is no.

The things you might find romantic to you might not be what your partner thinks. For this reason, you might want to learn a few things that will help you love your wife better.

Important Tips on how to Love your Wife Better

You can try one or several of these tips below if you want to be her best lover ever:

1. Women Always Fall for Someone Who Talks and Listens to Them

To be heard is one of the most important things in a human being, and she is not any different. The world today has distractions coming from every corner. This makes listening one of the most difficult things to do. To manage the listening, you can set some time aside to just listen to what she has to say. You will be surprised by what you might hear.

As much as you should listen, you also need to talk and be in the conversation, but not take over what she is saying. Just be an active listener and talk when it is necessary.

2. Effective Communication Can Do Wonders When It Comes to How to Love Your Wife

CommunicationCommunication is an important factor in a marriage or in a business. Always keep in mind that your spouse is not an angel and will not know what you are thinking. Instead of keeping her guessing, why not just speak your mind?

Most of the relationships that have succeeded for many decades are based on open communication. It is only through proper communication that you will all know what the other person needs and let them know what your needs are. When you go to a marriage counselor, what they will do is encourage communication between you two. Better yet, why not start the communication without paying someone to do it for you?

3. Spoil Her, Appreciate Her, Tell Her How Lovely She is to Sweep Her Off Her Feet

It is important that you appreciate your wife. This is not only limited to appreciating her for loving you.Appreciation should come in many forms; this includes appreciating how she looks, what she does and much more.

Sometimes, she does things out of her own will, but the best reward for her is being appreciated. It’s not something that should be forced out of a person; rather, it should come out naturally for better results. Words are the best kind of appreciation but a combination with actions will go a long way in making her feel special.

4. Never Make the Terrible Mistake of Comparing Her with Others

All human beings are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your wife is unique and special. You should never compare her with your ex, to your old girlfriend, your mom or any of your female friends. Comparing her to others will deduct any points that you might have earned in any other factors.

You need to learn that she is her own person and has her own qualities. Instead of comparing her with other people to point out her flaws, why not help her focus on her strengths and reduce her weaknesses in a loving kind of way?

5. Understand That She Needs Time for Herself

massageEveryone needs their own time sometimes. A break is important to allow her to reflect and meditate or just treat herself to some massage or an alone time listening to music. The break is mostly important especially for women who spend all day with children and chores around the house.

It is common to neglect this important part but as you learn how to love your wife, this is one of the most important tips. Not only will she feel appreciated by getting a break from her duties, she will relax and rest her body and mind.

6. Have “Couple Time” as Often as Possible

As much as she needs her time alone, you also need to create some time when you are only the two of you. If you cannot go out, then you can create this time at home. Soak in a bathtub together, go to your favorite restaurant, take a walk or do something interesting together. This will ensure that the bonding between you two does not disappear.

7. Your Female Friendship Should Never Make Her Jealous or Insecure

No man is an island and has friends and workmates in the opposite sex. You should, however, be careful. When engaging in female friendships always remember that having an affair does not need to involve any physical activities. It also includes emotional cheating. You should be faithful to your wife both emotionally and physically.

In most cases, it is the emotional support that you might get from another female that will lead to physical cheating. When you are in an argument, you have to learn how to love your wife when she hates you. This is the only way to avoid emotional and physical cheating.

8. The Golden Rule: Be Patient

show love to your wifePatience is a virtue that you should apply in everything. Whether you are dealing with her flaws or your own anger, you need to be patient. Being quick to jump to conclusions and losing your cool will only make things worse.Patience is the best way to solve any issues and show love to your wife. After all, you want her to be patient with you, so follow the golden rule by “doing to others as you would have them do unto you.”

9. Learn to Cherish Her and Her Children

The bond between a mother and her children runs quite deep.If you invest your energy and time into the children, you will be investing into her. The kindness you show to her children is perceived as a kindness to her.It is important that as you show her love, you do not forget about her children, and vice versa.

10. Choose Her Over Your Buddies and Hobbies

When you have your free time, you do not have to go golfing or drinking with the guys every time. It is quite important that you put her above all your hobbies and time with the guys.

There are many situations where you will be required to choose between your wife and other things and people you love. An important tip in how to love your wife is that you should always choose your wife. In matters that are important to you, you can sit down with your wife and discuss the way forward. Communication is always important for staying close and connected.

11. Do Your Best to Provide for Her Needs

strengthen your relationship and your familyProviding for your wife’s needs is more than just putting food on the table. It involves physical, emotional and spiritual elements.In some cases, you might fail in one area because of some challenges. However, you should always do your best.In some cases, the effort is almost as good as the outcome. Make sure you listen to her to get an idea of what she needs for herself and for the family. Meeting her needs will strengthen your relationship and your family.

12. Count to 10 and Keep Your Cool

The caveman instincts are quite useful in the battlefield, but destructive in a happy home. If you want to learn how to love your wife as you should, it is important to dial down your anger. Losing your temper is a setback to your relationship. If you are interested in moving forward, such setbacks should be avoided.

Remember when your mother told you to stop and count to 10, instead of reacting in anger? That still applies in adulthood, so try it. If it doesn’t help, tell her you will discuss it when you calm down and walk away to cool off a bit.

It is crucial to learn to control your temper before it controls your marriage.It will also control all other aspects of your life, including your health and well being. You should do your best to control your temper and you will always have a happy life and a happy wife. Anger always leads to more problems and should be avoided at all costs.

13. Remember: Your Wife Deserves the Utmost Respect

angryIf you are witty, you either become the life of a party or the annoying pain in the neck. Do not disrespect your wife when you are talking to her. A disrespectful speak is a brother to anger. Though it will not be as loud as when you are angry, it is hurtful in the same way. Do not be sarcastic, belittling or have snide remarks, especially in public. You don’t want to embarrass her at the expense of getting a laugh. Speak to her the same way you would speak to a respected colleague only that you should add some love.

She is your partner in the most important investment in your life, which is your family.Respect is always an important aspect that will make sure that your wife knows you love her and this will make her happy.

14. Be Sure to Take Care of Your Share of the Household Chores

Even in situations where you work and your wife does not, it is important that you play a part in dealing with house chores. There are always chores around the house that are manly or women prefer men handling them. No one can say they do not have enough time because on average, Americans watch TV for five hours every day. You can take a few minutes to handle some of these chores.

The best way to do this is through time management. When you have a certain routine to follow, you will better manage your time and have an opportunity to handle your part of the chose. This is not only being a responsible husband, it also shows that you love your wife enough to support and help her.

15. Always Put Her Needs Above Yours

listen to herThough,there has already been discussion about meeting her needs; this is not the same thing. Prioritizing her needs simply means you are putting her before anything else. Make sure you listen to her needs and make it a point to meet them as soon as you can. It feels good when people listen to you, but feels even better if they actually follow that with actions.

You might be meeting her needs, but you might just be doing it as the last thing on your list and this might make her feel like an option rather than a priority. Remember how much she cares for you, and pay her the same consideration.

16. Be Supportive: Help Her Excel in Her Career and Follow Her Passions

Women can be stay at home moms or have successful careers and just like they support their men, they also need support. If she’s home all day caring for your kids, give her a break once you’ve settled in. Take the kids out for ice cream after dinner or a quick walk to give her a breather. Just like you talk about your day at work, be sure to let her talk about her day at home.

If your wife’s career is important to her, she needs you to be there in support and as inspiration in her journey. If she has passions she would like to pursue, be there to encourage her and advice accordingly. Always keep in mind that it is her career and her passion and as much as she needs support, you do not need to control anything.

If she is too busy at work, offer to take care of the kids and chores once in a while. On her day off, make her breakfast and this will go a long way in making her feel loved. There are many stay-at-home dads who support their wives’ careers and are in happy marriages. Though you do not have to sacrifice your career for hers, it depends on the situation. Again, all she needs is your positive attitude and support.

17. Remember When: Use Her “Language of Love”

text or call herWords mean a lot and can make or break someone. This is why, in the effort to understand how to love your wife, you need to learn a few of the love words to use. Remember what the love letters your wife loved did to her. Some people keep those small letters all their lives to cherish the memories. Why not keep the fire burning with the love language?

Tell her how much you love her. During the day, text or call her and tell her that you miss her. When you wake up in the morning, cuddle with her and tell her you wish you were not leaving. All the right words will do more than make her happy, she will feel secure and loved and this is quite important for any woman.

18. Actions Speak Louder: Show Her Your Love is More Than Mere Words

It is not enough to just say that you love your wife. It takes more than those three magic words to make her feel loved. You need to add some action to it to make it real. You can hug her, kiss her, take her out to a surprise dinner, let her take her favorite spot, buy her things she has always loved, or write her love texts and small love notes.

Take her car to the car wash and fill the tank, or offer to make dinner or grab take-out once in a while. All these little things might seem small but they mean the world to her. Just like faith, love without action is simply dead. Keep in mind that it is not how big the things you do are; it is the love in them that matters.

19. Save the Passion: Show That You Will Always Need Her

Keep throwing signs of interestOne of the biggest mistakes men make is to forget to show their wives that they are still interested in them. Part of the reason she is your wife is because you showed interest in her in the first place. If she notices that you are not interested, she might feel like you are growing apart and falling out of love.

Keep throwing signs of interest whether it is in what she says, how she dresses and how her body and face look. You also need to show interest in whatever she is doing. If she has things to say, be genuinely interested and have fun with your conversations. This will only make your relationship better and make her feel appreciated.

20. If You Must, Correct Her Gently

If you want to learn how to love your wife right, you must understand the importance of supporting her with your all and correcting her when she is wrong. You do not have to shout at her to let her know that she is wrong; you only need to talk to her. If she does something wrong, getting angry and throwing hurtful words will make things a lot worse.

Just approach her gently and reason with her. Tell her she tried but things will have been much better if she did it in a different way. Do not make things about you winning; make everything about your family winning. There should be no blame game, just make her see things in a different perspective in a gentle, loving way.

21. Just Say No: Nothing Ruins Your Marriage Like Arguing in Front of Others

call her into the kitchenThere are a lot of couples that argue in front of other people. You may know couples who have guests over and maybe she forgets to bring the knives to the table, and he starts pointing out how she always forgets important things and it leads to an argument.

Like most people, you might be having a bad day or are in a bad mood and disagreeing on general topics, so you belittle her. This is not a good idea. You should do your best to paint a positive picture of your wife. This starts with not scolding or arguing with her in the presence of other people.

If you see something she is not doing right or she says something wrong, do not jump into starting an argument. You can call her into the kitchen and gently correct her, or you can wait for later when there is no one else around to witness the conversation.

It is a big mistake to argue with your wife in front of other people, but it is a bigger mistake when these other people are your children. Kids are impressionable and might develop an argumentative attitude and might have no respect for whoever loses most arguments.

22. When the Lights Go Out: Learn How to Make Love to Your Wife

As you handle all other elements in this list, you should not forget about your conjugal duties as a husband. As mentioned, your wife has needs, and part of these needs is sexual. Make sure you meet her sexual desires. There is no better way to do it than communicating and talking about what both of you need.

The good news is that if you feel as if you are not doing enough, there are products that can greatly help you in your bedroom matters. Prosolution pills are a good example of male enhancement products that might improve your sexual enjoyment.

ProSolution™ Pillsmay come in handy in pleasuring your wife in bed. It is,however, important to talk to your doctor before using these pills just in case you have a condition that might interfere with their effectiveness.

23. Buy Her an Exciting Gift Every Now and Then

buy a giftOnce in a while, it is quite important that you buy a gift for your wife. Women are impressed by small things, but as mentioned, it is not how big the gift is, it is the kindness and the love in the gift. You can find out what she likes in your conversations and buy them that.

A gift does not have to be something you buy; it can be something you make with your own hands, especially if you are creative. It can also be in form of a treat such as a day at the spa or gym membership she has been talking about. Instead of going to the game with the boys, why not stick tickets into her purse and write a small note “have fun with the girls.”These gifts will keep your love going and make her feel appreciated.

24. Learn the Fine Art of Forgiveness

Learn to forgive and love her. Do not get mad over past mistakes. Forgiveness will teach you how to love your wife again. It is most likely she has forgiven you for your mistakes, so give her the same allowances, too. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes or have lapses in good judgement, so be forgiving.

25. When Two Makes One: Love Her Like You Love Yourself

In marriage, you are one and you should love your wife like you love yourself. This will keep those bonds tight and make her feel the security she needs to be in her glory as a woman, wife and mother.

Knowing how to love your wife unconditionally or how to love your husband is all about understanding your partner. Knowing how to love your wife is all about knowing her interests, what she loves and what she does not. This will make you a better loving husband.


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