15 Quick Constipation Remedies for Fast Gastrointestinal Relief


15 Quick Constipation Remedies for Fast Gastrointestinal Relief
feeling constipatedIt’s not easy when you are feeling constipated. It can get to be extremely uncomfortable for you that it starts to affect the rest of your day. The next thing you know, you find yourself cancelling a meeting or saying no to having drinks with your friends that night.

Who can blame you? Constipation can be quite the plan wrecker. How can you go on with the rest of your day when you feel the need to stay close to the bathroom almost all the time? That is why anyone who is affected by this health issue is always on the lookout for some quick constipation remedies.

15 Easy Tricks That Can Deliver Immediate Constipation Relief

Constipation is a problem that begins with your digestive system. When you are constipated, you find it hard to move your bowel or your bowel movements are less frequent than normal. In either case, your stool becomes hard enough that it is quite difficult to move it out of your system. This can cause a great amount of discomfort and sometimes, a feeling of being bloated.

No one can blame you for wanting your constipation problem to pass quickly. Luckily, there are number of easy remedies proven to give instant constipation relief. Here are some you can try right away if you feel if you are suffering from either mild or severe constipation:

lemons1. Use some lemons and get zesty with it. If you are looking for a quick home remedy for constipation, this is something so easy to do that you can mix it up in seconds. Lemon juice happens to be high in citric acid, which is a natural stimulant for your ailing digestive system. This means that it will help flush out any undigested substance that may have already built up along the walls of your colon. You can also expect for your system to be rid of other harmful toxins, too.

To relieve your constipation fast with lemon, just squeeze in the juice of one fresh lemon into a cup of warm water. Sit back, sip slowly and wait for your constipation symptoms to fade away. This lemon water is not just a good remedy for constipation. It is a drink you can also enjoy daily to get your regular dose of vitamin C.

2. Take a little bit of olive oil. We all know that olive oil is good for you for several important reasons. When it comes to providing immediate constipation relief, one study found that those dealing with bowel habits similar to constipation moved bowel more frequently after ingesting a good amount of olive oil.

Olive oil is also highly beneficial when it comes to the entire digestive system. On the stomach, this oil can effectively keep harmful bacteria away so that you don’t have to worry about suffering from stomach cancer or ulcers. On the gallbladder, olive oil stimulates the production of bile. The more bile you have, the easier it would be for your body to digest fats.

olive oilAside from the stomach area and gallbladder, olive oil has also been shown to be effective in combating oxidative stress in the liver. Meanwhile, when it comes to the colon, this particular oil also protects the mucosa of the colon. This means that it also helps keep you from developing colorectal cancer.

Olive oil is arguably the best remedy for constipation that is widely available today. To treat constipation with olive oil, simply take a tablespoon of olive oil the moment you wake up. Should the taste of olive oil in your mouth give you any nausea, take a little bit of lemon juice before eating your breakfast. Should one tablespoon not give you immediate constipation relief, just take one more tablespoon of olive oil before you take your next meal.

Once your constipation is gone, you can continue taking olive oil as a precaution. Simply take one tablespoon of olive every morning throughout the following week. After this, you can just add in a drizzle of olive oil to some of your meals regularly.

3. Sweeten your life with some Karo syrup. Karo syrup is a commercially known corn syrup that is made of maltose as well as a number of other sugars that was derived from corn starch. You may not know it, but it can be a mild osmotic laxative that can help provide a quick relief to those suffering from constipation.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies can be given corn syrup to relieve their constipation. The recommended dosage for those older than a month old is one to two tablespoons per day. For adults, however, it is believed that this corn syrup constipation remedy is not effective.

a cup of coffee4. Have a cup of coffee. You may not be aware, but your daily cup of coffee is also one of the best chronic constipation remedies around. This is because the caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant for your ailing digestive system. This explains why there are times when you have to run to the bathroom to move your bowel after you have sipped your cup.

Just remember to keep your coffee intake in moderation. That’s around one to two cups a day. This is because drinking excessive amounts of caffeine can create the opposite for your digestive system. Too much coffee can lead to dehydration, which in turn, will cause you to become constipated.

5. Snack on some prunes daily. The next time you to the supermarket, be sure to stock up on some prunes. They make for a quick home remedy for constipation that are also cheap and tasty.

Prunes are naturally rich in fiber, which is good for your gastrointestinal tract and even more perfect for providing almost instant constipation relief. They help you retain water in your system, later on providing moisture to your stools so that you can move them out of your system more easily. They also help maintain a balanced flora in your colon, which keeps it healthy and constipation free.

PrunesAside from this, prunes are also rich in phenolic compounds such as caffeic acid, rutin, coumaric acid, chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid. One of their side benefits is to function as stimulating laxatives in your body, making it easier for your stool to move through your colon.

If you don’t feel like snacking on prunes, you can also try taking some prune juice to treat your constipation. Prune juice has a good amount of sugars, including sorbitol. This particular sugar tends to stay in the colon, keeping your stool from getting dehydrated. Therefore, it prevents constipation effectively.

To take prunes or prune juice to relieve your constipation fast, just take a glass of the juice with lunch and another one with dinner. Conversely, you can also take up to eight pieces of prunes per day. You may want to keep your consumption to a minimum if you are travelling for the day since prunes may cause cramps and leave you feeling bloated.

flaxseed6. Have a bit of flaxseed oil. Unbeknownst to many, flaxseed oil has a number of health benefits, such as reducing your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and even cancer. Recently, a number of studies have also found that this particular oil seems to do wonders when it comes to treating the inner lining of an inflamed intestine. In this case, flaxseed oil seems to calm it down, while also serving as a mild laxative.

To take flaxseed oil as an immediate constipation relief, you can buy it as a soft gel capsule. If you are not comfortable with this, you can also get a bottle of flaxseed oil and keep it stocked in your pantry. In order to treat constipation, just mix in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil with your daily glass of orange juice and drink up. You should be feeling much better in five hours.

7. Use a relief system. If you are not up to mixing anything into your drinks and just want something that you can easily pop into your mouth and swallow, you may want to treat your constipation symptoms with the help of an IBS Relief System.

Developed by Digestive Science, the IBS Relief System may be able to keep your gut in check. Its main purpose is to ensure that your digestive system is always working properly. It also uses probiotics and enzymes to help restore balance inside your body.

lose some weightThis way, you’ve got a stronger immune function and may even lose some weight, too. With your gut doing a lot better, you’ll seldom have to worry about irritable bowel syndrome and constipation again.

The IBS Relief System is a two-step process. The first step works by giving you a digestive enzyme renewal. This way, food can be properly digested in your stomach and you will have less risk for developing constipation.

After getting your digestive enzymes back in order, the second step of this system works by introducing more probiotics to your gut. When bad bacteria are allowed to roam around your digestive system unchallenged, they can cause a number of problems including constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and gas. The good bacteria in probiotics helps make sure this does not happen.

With the IBS Relief System, you should start to feel significantly better after finishing its 30-day program. In addition, your digestive functions could improve a whole lot more after you have taken the system for 90 days. If they don’t, it’s time to see your doctor for a checkup and some testing to determine the problem.

medication8. Try taking a laxative medication. Today, there are a number of over the counter laxative medicines available in the market. They are readily accessible to many since this kind of medication does not require a prescription from the doctor. Here are the most common:

  • Bulk-Forming Laxatives: A number of these laxatives are known to be bulk-forming laxatives. They work by adding more soluble fiber to your stool. When this happens, the stool is able to absorb significantly more water, making it larger, softer and easier to move through your colon. These bulk-forming laxatives are known to be the safest kind of laxatives. As a precaution, it is recommended to increase your intake of fluids while taking them.
  • Lubricant Laxatives: Aside from bulk-forming laxatives, there are also lubricant laxatives. These work by coating the surface of your stool so that they would become more slippery and therefore, much easier to pass. Another lubrication option available are glycerin suppositories. They lubricate the inside part of your anus so that it would be easier for you to make hard stools pass.
  • Stool Softeners: There are also laxatives better known as stool softeners. They mix in with your stool in order to soften them and make them easier to pass out of your body. If you’re not convinced if this will work, you may want to try some osmotic laxatives instead. These work by making the intestine hold more fluid, softening your stool in the process.
  • Stimulant Laxatives: Of all the laxatives, the strongest are said to be the stimulant laxatives. They make your bowel contract or squeeze in order for your stool to move out. Because of their effect, it is not recommended to take in stimulant laxatives beyond a few days. If you do, there is a chance that your bowel will lose its own muscle tone and forget how to push out stool on its own.

 Treat it calmly with some tea9. Treat it calmly with some tea. Let’s face it, sipping tea is quite a treat, even when you are not dealing with constipation. You make tea by steeping herbal leaves in boiling water, making for a calming, fragrant drink that you can enjoy any time of day.

For the purpose of treating constipation, there are certain kinds of tea that are more advisable than others. For starters, dandelion tea is a mild laxative that is also known to help you deal with water retention. In contrast, senna tea is known to be a powerful stimulant laxative. This is why it is recommended to take this tea sparingly if you are looking for a quick home remedy for constipation.

Among the most popular teas for treating constipation is green tea. The health benefits of this particular tea for the digestive system are well documented. It is often recommended for stomach ailments as well as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

Not to be outdone, black tea is also said to be just as effective in providing immediate constipation relief as green tea. For a better therapeutic effect, you can mix in some molasses or honey into your tea.

Other teas that treat constipation by helping restore balance back into your digestive system include the tulsi tea, fennel seed tea and clove tea. On the other hand, both burdock root tea and licorice root tea work by fighting off inflammation and protecting the stomach lining.

Whichever tea you choose, you may want to consult with your physician to confirm if a particular kind of herbal tea is ideal for your health condition. This is especially important to check if you are expecting.

baking soda10. Make yourself a fizzy drink. In case you don’t know it yet, baking soda is a good home remedy to have on hand for just about anything, including constipation. This is because baking soda is able to make the stomach alkaline again by neutralizing the acid inside it, so that stool can pass out more easily.

To treat your constipation with baking soda, just mix in a teaspoon of baking soda with a quarter cup of warm water. Drink this mixture up quickly for instant constipation relief.

11. Sprinkle more sesame seeds on your food. It is believed that the oily composition of sesame seeds enable them to naturally provide the intestines with more moisture. This, in turn, keeps you from developing dry, hard stools that are hard to pass.

You don’t have to take sesame seeds by the teaspoonful just to get its benefits when it comes to relieving constipation. You can crush them up and sprinkle them on your morning cereal. You can also add them to your stir-fry meals, and even baked goods.

12. Take a spoonful of molasses. Blackstrap molasses is high in vitamins and minerals. In particular, it is a good source of magnesium, which can help relieve constipation fast. If you are feeling constipated, just take one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before going to bed. In the morning, you can expect to feel much better.

avocados13. Load up on fiber naturally. There are times when the only thing you need to do to solve your constipation troubles is to eat more foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber naturally gives your stool more bulk, making it easier for your gastrointestinal tract to move it along.

Some of the foods particularly high in fiber include barley, oatmeal, avocados, Asian pears, coconut, berries, artichokes, figs, peas, okra, Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, okra, turnips, black beans, lima beans, almonds, quinoa, lentils and more.

14. Try the Ayurvedic diet. Ayurveda is an ancient system that believes in focusing on your entire well being, including physical, emotional and mental. When it comes to constipation, it believes that the effective remedy involves adding hydration, warmth and oil to the system so that you will be able to pass stool easily.

To make this happen, the Ayurvedic diet recommends that you drink a lot of warm water, especially before and after eating. You must also regularly consume some healthy oils, including olive oil, sesame oil and ghee.

eat fruitYou should also make it a point to eat fruit daily. The most recommended ones for constipation are peeled apples, soaked prunes, soaked raisins, peaches and ripe bananas. Ideally, you should eat these fruits an hour before or after you have eaten other kinds of food. At the same time, you can also drink some pineapple juice or prune juice to help you pass your stool.

At night, you can also try drinking a cup of boiled milk that has been mixed with one to two teaspoons of ghee before you go to bed to help with your constipation. Alternatively, you can also make some flaxseed tea by boiling a tablespoon of flaxseeds in a cup of water for two to three minutes. Let the drink cool a bit before taking it. This also makes for a great bedtime treat.

15. Get some exercise. Exercise is not just good for making you fit, it helps you pass stools a lot better too. Make it a habit to take a 15-minute walk daily and you’ll find your bowel movement improving nicely.

A Word of Caution: What to Remember When It Comes to Quick Constipation Remedies

Although the remedies provided above are proven to relieve constipation fast, it is recommended to take note of certain warnings when trying them. These include:

  • Teas Teas that are recommended for treating constipation may not be advisable for children since herbs in these drinks tend to contain laxatives. When consuming these teas, be sure to only take one cup per day. Should your constipation last for a week or longer, make an appointment with your physician.
  • Certain herbal products that promise to provide constipation relief may do you more harm than good if you are pregnant. Consult with your physician before taking any constipation herbal cures.
  • Taking laxatives with phosphate salts or magnesium as a medication for constipation may not be recommended for patients who have an impaired kidney function. This is because an excessive accumulation of phosphate or magnesium in the blood can cause toxicity in the patient. Those who must also limit their sodium intake should not take laxatives with sodium.
  • Osmotic-type laxatives may quickly remedy your constipation, but it may also come with side effects. These include abdominal cramping, gas or nausea. Elderly people are also more prone to experiencing these side effects.

Don’t ever let constipation ruin your day. There are a number of quick constipation remedies available to make sure that does not happen. Just choose which kind of immediate constipation relief works best for you and follow the instructions carefully. Also remember that it is best to consult with a doctor first before trying any type of fast constipation relief.



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